Professional memberships & Honors

Professional memberships Past And Present

Cambridge Who’s Who

IISFA: International Information Systems Forensics Association (now on formerwebsite is now gone)

CWNP: Certified Wireless Network Professional : Student member.MCP: Microsoft Certified Professional

ISACA: Information Systems Audit and Control Association (student Member)NTWU:National Technology Workers Union, Member AITP: Association of Information Technology Professionals SME: Society of Manufacturing Engineers , former Student memeber

Former Student Member.

The International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners®

Network Professional Association

MicrosoftO.E.M computer manufacturer,

Corel OEM VAR., Cisco Authorized

Equipment Vender,

Creative Labs Authorized VAR, 3-Com VAR, PC. VAR


Doctorate of Divinity and Certificate of Ordination ,

From a Religious organization I have often volunteered for , while my faith is a minority faith , At the work place it strengthens my resolve and faith in any project , however unless at official functions in such regards as to my faith I keep it undisclosed at work , as by custom of ash oak and thorn , and by the Rede's commands as my faith has a history of persecution. I will say that on Occasion I have Married a few people.