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Learner: Michael Lawrence iApplicantID: 383707

MBA - Master of Business Administration (2011-09 (V2))

Computer and Information Security


Minimum Units

To Take at NCU


Grade Recorded

First Course: BTM5000-8

BTM5000-8 - Foundations for Graduate Study in Business3B+

MGT5019-8 - Ethics in Business3Current

SKS5000-8 - Comprehensive Strategic Knowledge Studies3

MGT5028-8 - Business Statistics3

HRM5000-8 - Human Resources Management3


CIS5000-8 - Introduction to Computer Security3

CIS5002-8 - Corporate Computer and Network Security3

CIS5003-8 - Cyber Forensics: Collecting, Examining, and Preserving Evidence of Computer and Information Crimes3

CIS5008-8 - Risk Management in Information Assurance and Security3

CIS6010-8 - Computer Information and Security3

30 units are required to complete this degree program. 30 units have been selected.

Master of Business Administration,

Management Information Systems Specialization

I have 2 Classes Transfer Credit from Prior Graduate Work , so Taking the remaining few will Beget me another MBA , as the previous MBA classes Foundations are thus The Same. this too is a consideration ...

Doctor of Business Administration

Computer and Information Security Specialization

Classes Completed , Prior To Transfer .

Master of Science In management, Information Systems Management With Information Security concentration

Keller Graduate School of Management of DeVry University

Strategic Management of Technology (TM583)

Managerial Applications of Information Technology (IS535)

Accounting and Finance: Managerial Use and Analysis (FI504)

Networking Concepts and Applications (IS589)

Principles of Information Security and Privacy (SE571)

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Student: Michael Lawrence Student ID: 240050 Original Start Date : 7/17/2007 Student GPA: 2.00

Program: MIT-08 Master's Information Technology


Enrollment #: LA07053592 Status: Withdraw Start Date: Drop Date: 10/12/2007

Term: TRANSFER Transfer Credit

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Baccalaureate Degree Completed 0.00 180.00 TC 0.00

ITS610-0703A-01 Information Systems

ITN620-0703B-01 Enterprise Network Design